The burger. Once the staple of down-market takeaways and franchised fast food outlets, recent times have seen its transformation into the hippest, trendiest gourmet sensation of the teenies (is that what we’re calling this decade? I have no idea, and it makes it very difficult to make broad-stroke generalisations without a catchy handle for a particular time period, which in turn makes life hell for lazy writers such as myself, so if anyone out there can clarify this issue for me I’d be much obliged). You all know what I mean. These days it’s virtually impossible to walk down any fashionable street in town without tripping over any number of Grill’d, Flipped, Jus Burgers or other fashionably misspelled burger joints crammed with exposed brick, gourmet ingredients and bearded, tattooed staff members with bandanas on their heads. With the market surely hitting saturation point, one would be forgiven for questioning the wisdom of opening another gourmet burger restaurant, but that’s exactly what the brains behind the Angry Moose, a new BYO burger cafe on Beaufort St in the heart of Mt Lawley, have done.