The Beaufort St festival is just around the corner folks (Sat 17th Nov), and with over  one hundred thousand people expected this time around preparation by those involved is going to be key to a successful day. In light of this, the good folks at Crust Mt Lawley invited a load of food bloggers and fans down to their store a few weeks ago for a tasting evening in order to get some feedback on what they should put on their special menu for the festival. Needless to say I leapt at the chance to attend, both in order to eat loads of delicious free pizza and also to meet and network with other food bloggers, and all in the name of lending a hand too.

A Pretty Lady With A Piano Accordion: The Perfect Pizza Tasting Accompaniment

Being as that the store is so tiny and was open for business at the time, we gathered in the hallway thing out the back and, accompanied by some live accordion music, settled in for an evening of doughy delights.  I have to admit that prior to this I’d only tried Crust pizza once before, and that was while quite intoxicated (how unlike you I hear you cry!), so I was hopeful but unsure of what to expect. Having visit Italy several times and worked at a good Italian restaurant in the UK, I like to think that I have a finely honed sense of taste when it comes to pizza, and I’m pleased to say that Crust nailed it. Their dough, which in my mind is the most crucial and difficult aspect of pizza making, was thin and crispy yet fluffy at the same time. Their toppings were delicious too and ranged from the conventional (such as the classic margherita and Hawaiian) to the experimental/gourmet (peri-peri chicken, Moroccan lamb). My personal favourite would have to be the Vegetarian Supreme as the pesto aioli  they swirl on top just sets it off perfectly.  Also, anyone with a gluten allergy and a pizza craving should definitely bear Crust in mind too as I tried their gluten free crust and it was indistinguishable from the wheaty one.

Vegetarian Supreme All Up In Ya Face!

A Slice Of The Good Life: Eating Free Delicious Pizza For A Good Cause = Total Win!

All in all it was a great night of eating and chatting foodie stuff, although I’m pretty sure I consumed at least half of my body weight in pizza, which health wise is probably not a good thing. I popped in to Crust recently and was having a chat with the manager Michelle (who ran the tasting night) and she told me that, after taking all of the feedback into consideration, they’re going to be doing a 9 inch Mediterranean Lamb, Vegetarian Supreme, Peri Peri Chicken or Hawaiian pizza and a drink for $10 (which happened to be exactly what I recommended, so props to me!) as a special for the festival.

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