Now I’m going to make a bit of an assumption here and say that when most people hear mention of Germany their thoughts automatically turn to a certain nasty, pencil-moustachioed gentleman and the associated unfortunate period of history leading up to about half way through the last century. For many the most famous German landmark is the Berlin Wall, that monument to the repressive East German regime and its general nastiness. This, in my mind, is a great shame, because if you ask me there is one thing that Germans do far better than war or oppression; eating and drinking. For a people that are generally stereotyped as reserved and humourless they actually have a remarkable talent for merriment, as anyone who has been to Octoberfest or the Christmas Markets can well attest . Go back through their long history and you’re more likely to find the average German in a crowded bierkeller, drunkenly swinging a stein of beer to the raucous strains of an Oompah band than you are to find them goose-stepping or seig-heiling.

Unfortunately for us poor Perthonalities, that most wondrously Teutonic of nations and its fantastic culinary fare is a long way away, but fear not! Thanks to Elmars in Mt Lawley there is a way that you too can indulge in authentic German cuisine without having to travel half way around the world. Situated on Beaufort St just opposite The Merchant, Elmar’s has for sale a

A Total Sausagefest! (But This One Is The Good Kind)

bewildering array of authentic German smallgoods ranging from kassler chops to sauerkraut and more types of sausage than you can poke a stick at, not to mention all the condiments that you could ever need to accompany them. A couple of weekends ago I decided to indulge my desire for some good German sausage (what? Did you really think I was going to let an entry about bratwurst go by without at least one knob gag?) so I popped in to Elmar’s, picked up some bratwurst and had some friends over for lunch.

This time around I went for the Schubling and the Cheese Kransky. Grilled in a pan and served with mustard, ketchup and sauerkraut in a baguette from the West End Deli (that my friend Bron was good enough to bring over, so props to you Bron!) it was, needless to say, epic. The Schubling was a decent, tick-all-the-boxes German hotdog filler, but things escalated to the next level with the Cheese Kransky. Essentially a bratwurst sausage with  molten cheese running through the

Hot Diggety Dawg!: The Finished Article In All Its Glory

middle, it’s a full on heart-clenching, artery clogging flavour explosion that, while it may well see you to an early grave, will at least ensure you’ll die with a smile on your face. Provided you’re not on a diet (or are willing to find an excuse to cheat on one) I highly recommend that you get a Cheese Kransky in your life as soon as humanly possible. Beyond that, the thing that really sets Elmar’s sausages apart from the rest is that fact that they’re Beech smoked, which is the key element to giving it that properly authentic taste and texture.

Much like the Italian speaking staff at the Re Store, the family that run’s Elmar’s are all German and can often be overheard speaking in their native tongue to customers, which for me always adds an extra level of authenticity to the produce I’m buying. Also, if you find yourself  hungry and in Mt Lawley before midday on a Saturday then they serve up a variety of sausages in hotdogs from one of those awesome, huge cast iron fry pans out the front of the store, and for only $6 with all the trimmings it’s by far the best value brunch anywhere on the Beaufort strip, not to mention one of the tastiest.

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