Good news folks! I’m happy to report that the world of quality, quirky small bars in town, or at least those that I’m aware of and have been to, continues to expand with the addition of The Classroom. Located a little off the beaten track on Charles St in North Perth it is, as the same suggests, a school themed joint decked out with all manner of cool scholastic paraphernalia

Bet It’s Been A While Since You’ve Seen One Of These (If You Are Too Young To Remember These, Please Disregard This Caption)

including a selection of retro lunchboxes and even some of those old wooden desks with the lids that lift up (is it a bad thing that I can actually remember using them in school? God I’m old!). Now while Alice Cooper may have been excited about school being out as it was decidedly un-rock and roll, you don’t have any such worries in this classroom. Out are the teachers, their books and associated dirty looks and in is a cracking cocktail list and a range of tasty, well prepared bar food that comes served not from the kitchen as you might expect, but from the canteen (they even have sausage rolls on the menu, albeit of a slightly more gourmet nature than we ever got at Margaret River Senior High).

Having been set up by Adam Keane and Daniel Sterpini from Cocktail Gastronomy, their primary focus is unsurprisingly on cocktails first and foremost, and it has to be said they do an amazing job. The menus are all in exercise books, and this is particularly appropriate when it comes to the drinks list, because not only does it tell you what’s in each beverage, but also gives you a run down on the history and development of each one over time. A very educational experience indeed, that

Liquid Nitrogen Esspresso Martini: If Chemistry Class Had Been More Like This Then Maybe I’d Have Paid More Attention…

is provided you can remember any of it after reading up on and ordering a few of them. I went of a Liquid Nitrogen Espresso Martini that proved to be as delicious as it was spectacular to watch them make. My partner in crime for the evening was a little indecisive, so the extremely helpful bar staff suggested a whiskey milkshake, ala Pulp Fiction, which was also fantastic, so points there for creative thinking as well as execution. Although not in for a full meal, we both shared a small serving of the 6hr Bourbon Beef, short ribs, smoked salt and chilli pineapple wedges that simply fell off the bone and melted in the mouth in bursts of sticky, sweet beefy gorgeousness.

Now while I’ve raved about the cool décor, the mind-blowing cocktails and the delicious food, it has to be said that the thing about the place that impressed me most was the service. As soon we sat down, even before we’d ordered anything, we were bought glasses of water, and furthermore they were continuously topped up throughout the whole time we were there. It’s the finer details of good service like this that really impress me, and while hard enough to find in restaurants over here it’s almost unheard of in a bar type environment. Beyond that, the staff were

Now For Maths: Ribs + Bourbon = Awesome

helpful, knowledgeable, friendly and possessed of a good sense of humour. So if it’s been a while since you’ve been to school, perhaps it’s time you took a refresher course in awesomeness and headed on down to the Classroom. Oh yeah, they also do a cocktail that involves pumping pipe tobacco smoke into a lunchbox. How cool is that?!

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