While around at my parents’ house for a Mother’s Day breakfast on Sunday, mother dearest informed me that she had been catching up on reading my blog over the previous few days, and that while she found it very entertaining, most of the content seemed to relate to either me out on the town drinking or finding ways to ease a hangover, and that as such I was in danger of coming off as some kind of pretentious drunk. Now while the shoe may indeed kind of fit, I thought I’d at least try and rehabilitate my image by agreeing with her suggestion to post a few more entries that don’t relate to the drinking, excess or unbridled decadence in any way. Lucky for me then that while shopping in town on Saturday (for a Mother’s Day present no less) I happened to take an unplanned trip down Piccadilly Arcade and stumbled across a great new little coffee place: Standing Room Only.

Distracted by the task of traipsing around trying to locate wrapping paper, sticky tape and an appropriate card, I was not actually on the hunt for

Grindhouse: Retro Chic At Standing Room Only

a place to write up, but when stopped outside Standing Room Only and offered any coffee of my choice for a gold coin donation, my interest was understandably peaked. The baristas who work there had just come back from the national barista championships, and while I don’t know how they fared in said competition, I did know that they were getting rid of their excess beans (each barista makes up his own special blend for the comp) by offering them to the public for the aforementioned donation and giving the proceeds to charity. So the cause was already a good one, and luckily for me, the coffee turned out to be even better.

As is increasingly the case with coffee culture in Perth, this place caters specifically for coffee nerds and aficionados. There’s no blueberry muffins, no gingerbread caramel frappuccinos, there’s not even anywhere to sit down! They just focus on doing coffee, and doing it very well.  From their custom built, retro style Synesso machine and matching grinders they dish out house blend and single origin Five Sense coffee, which as it so happens is my favourite local roasting house. Information about the coffee is written up on the wall, and the extremely knowledgeable chaps behind the counter are more than willing to chat at length about anything coffee related. They also have a penchant for playing 50’s rock  ‘n’ roll at high volume, so that and a generally more up-front attitude help to distinguish it from the rest of the bland, cater-to-the-suits-in-offices type places that have hitherto dominated the CBD coffee scene. Oh, and they also offer siphon and cold drop coffee too, which I’m yet to try (terrible I know, I’ll get on to it soon I promise!), but definitely gives them major coffee geek points. I had a traditional long macchiato (with just a dash of milk), which was fantastic, strong, aromatic and intense without a hint of bitterness, although I have to admit I would have liked more sugar in it but was afraid to come off as boorish and unappreciative, yet another philistine despoiling his perfect creation with the vile milk of the sugar cane (so next time will make sure I have a sachet secreted on my person beforehand).

So, if you find yourself in the CBD and in need of a quality coffee fix, I highly recommend heading on down to Standing Room Only. Although new to the scene, I’m going to call it and say that they’re already making a substantial tilt at the “Best Coffee In Town” title, although a little more time and research is needed to call it for sure. So, there you go Mum, a whole entry that doesn’t mention drinking at all! Proud of me now?

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