Good news folks! I’m happy to report that Northbridge is continuing its transformation from sleazy, pissed-up hellhole to desirable cosmopolitan hangout (at least in my eyes anyway) with the discovery Frisk Espresso, a groovy little coffee-shop-come-small-bar on Francis street. Decked out in a cool industrial motif, it offers a great central location for those of us looking for something other than the usual boorish Northbridge hangouts.

Coffee wise I’d say they’re adequate but not exceptional, but I’ll have to reserve my full judgement till I’ve been there a few times to properly test

Very Pretty, But There’s Room For Improvement

the water. The double flat white I ordered was at least very aesthetically pleasing, so that’s something. However, if you’re looking for something a bit stronger than a caffeinated beverage then Frisky can definitely cater for your needs in style. They have an exceptionally well stocked bar, with lots of good bottled beers, ciders and spirits (including possible the largest and most varied gin selection I think I’ve ever seen, and I’m an old gin soak from way back!). The bar tender was efficient and knowledgeable too and pointed me in the direction of a delicious gin I’d never tried before with tonic and a slice of red apple. Classy. The nibbly food also looked really good, with lashings of chorizo, olives and fried haloumi

Feeling Spiritual: Frisk Have Got You Covered!

serving as the perfect accompaniment to whatever type of alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage you choose to go with.

So kids, if you’re looking for somewhere new and interesting to share a few drinks a chat and a nibble with friends, I highly recommend giving Frisk Espresso a try. After all, the more of these kind of places we support, the more of them there will be. Also, although I didn’t try one, their espresso martinis looked awesome, so surely that is reason enough to give the place a go.

Anyone Fancy A Nibble?

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