Untill I recieved a surprise call from a friend last night, I was totally unaware of the existence of Snags and Sons, one of Perth’s newest and hippest eateries that aims to do for the humble sausage what trendy joints like Jus Burgers and Grill’d have done for the hamburger (as it so happens, Snags and Sons has been set up by the man behind Jus Burgers, so the similarity comes as no surprise). Never one to back down from the possibility of some quality sausage (it begins people), I acquiesced to her offer of a spur of the moment dinner and headed off to Leederville with my mind on some wieners and some wieners on my mind.

Sausages are the new black.

Bottle of red in hand (you can BYO wine and beer for $2 corkage per person, much like, you guessed it, Jus Burgers) I walked in, found my friend and sat down to peruse the menu. I immediately took a shine to the place, and what I’ll basically say is that if you like the trendy, retro vibe of the burger joints you’ll like it in Snags and Sons. They’ve done the whole quirky/rustic vibe, and done it well, with lots of exposed wood, exposed brick, pressed tin, large blackboards and idiosyncratic posters plastered across the walls, yet they’ve also managed to give the whole lot a bit of a slightly twee, British feel in keeping with the ancestral home ofthe almighty banger.

As far as the food goes, there was quite a bewildering array of choice of sausages from all over the world (made with locally source produce as an added bonus), ranging from the traditional, Italian, North African lamb, chicken, venison and more. I ended up going for the North African lamb with harissa yoghurt, red peppers, honey and rocket ($9), while my partner in crime went for the Chittering Valley Venison snag with horseradish cream, beetroot and apple & ginger jam. On the side we got the carrot salad ($6) and oven baked potato with swiss cheese, candied bacon, sour cream and spring

Anyone for sausage?

onion ($6). I’m happy to report that it was all delicious; the sausage was meaty and well cooked, the garnishes very tasty and the baguette light and fluffy. The sides were a tad smallish, but were well made and original. Being as we all know that size counts, I’ll suffice it to say that there was an adequate amount of sausage at a reasonable length and girth; enough to leave one satisfied and not feeling overstuffed in any way. There were also a couple of cute, quirky touches too, such as the “Gotta Av It” on the breakfast menu, which is a hangover fighting bacon or sausage baguette served with an orange juice, berocca and cold flannel. Now I don’t know about you, but I’ve found myself out for brunch after a big night and wishing for just this kind of thing more times than I’d care to admit, so points there for comedy value and also plain-faced realism.

To sum up, if you’ve done the trendy burger thing and are looking for an equally hip meal that also ticks both the “cheap and cheerful” and “sausage” boxes, then head on down to Leederville. Oh the innuendo (in your end-o!).

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